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Vocal Dynamics’ Singing Studio


The development of the voice is an incremental process of skill and discovery, involving mind and body. There are physical mechanisms to be learned and mindsets to explore that will help take your technique further. One needs both to achieve great singing.

My method is based on the understanding of the breathing and support muscles, and how these bring about the freedom of the tongue, larynx and jaw. In the sessions we use exercises and repertoire alike with the specific goal of developing different aspects of what the singer needs.



€40 / 45 minutes


Essential 6x

€230 / 45 minutes

(2 months)




€55 / 60 minutes


Thriving 6x

€300 / 60 minutes

(2 months)


Kids & Teens

Singing is an activity that explores an incredibly wide range of skills and mental flexibility. 

Motor coordination, kynesthetic awareness, analytical thought, visualization,  expressing emotions, creative thinking, stress management and training memory, are only a few of the benefits that singing brings about and that are explored and stimulated during the sessions. In the lessons, singing is combined with musicianship skills and optional initiation to piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can my child start singing lessons?

A child usually sings before he or she can speak, and thus singing should be encouraged as part of their development. I recommend starting singing lesson from age 7. At this age, the child has enough motoric coordination to start exploring the breathing muscles and other aspects of singing. Before that age, it is more productive for the child to develop musicianship skills within a group of children of the same age, such as learning different songs by memory, singing in tune, moving with the beat, clapping different rhythms, etc.

Does a parent need to be present in the lessons?

Parents are welcome to watch the lessons from time to time, but their presence is not required during the sessions.

It is important to gradually develop a teacher-student connection, and this is best done without a parent in the room.

However, the lessons only work if the child is able to feel safe and comfortable. For this reason, parents are allowed in lessons with the goal of slowly building the child’s independence.

What will the repertoire be?

The repertoire will often be a compromise between what the student likes and what is vocally fitting for their own instrument and stage of development. It is important for the young singer to explore different styles and keep vocally and mentally flexible. Specialization can gradually happen from the teenage years.

Can siblings have lessons at the same time?

I learned from experience that lessons with two or more siblings at the same time are not productive, so this is not an option I offer. However, there is a reduced price for two or more siblings following a course.

How long should the lesson be?

This varies from child to child, and whether you wish to combine Musicianship Skills or Initiation to Piano in the lessons. The best is simply to try a few lessons and observe what is best for the student.


How is a lesson typically structured?

This will of course depend on the package you choose. However, a singing lesson typically starts with a physical and vocal warm up, moves on to technical exercises and lastly to repertoire. The exploration of repertoire may take many different approaches, is more often than not accompanied by me on the piano.


€30 / 30 minutes


Singing Games
Breathing Basics
Voice Basics


€40 / 45 minutes

 Singing Pillars
Repertoire in different



€40 / 45 minutes


 Singing Pillars
Repertoire in different
Initiation to Piano* 



€50 / 60 minutes

Singing Pillars
Vocalizes & technical pieces
Repertoire – a deeper
Music theory and/or
Initiation to Piano*


*This option is available if the student has a piano or electric keyboard at home.

Group Coaching

Group lessons can have a wide variety of formats. From ensemble coaching, workshops, or other tailor-made programs.

Schedule a call to discuss the best choice for your group.

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