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Vocal Dynamics

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“Singen ist ausatmen in Schön”    

 “Singing is exhaling in beauty” – Anonymous

Did you know?

Francisca is also a Public Speaking Coach, with an Interview on Forbes.

Learn how to shape your voice and body language to deliver your content with maximum impact.

My teaching philosophy


There are few things that bring me more joy that witnessing someone finding their vocal freedom, followed by bursting confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This comes from the close relationship between our voice and identity. When all the elements come together, there is a feeling of freedom that goes beyond good vocal emission. Don’t take my word for it, give it a go.

- Francisca Branco


Francisca is a very good singing coach. My daughter loves the lessons!

– Akiko Hanawa –

Francisca is a wonderful voice teacher, with so much energy and enthusiasm. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has so many fun techniques to work with the voice, breathing and performing.

– Birgit Zimmerman – 

J’attends avec impatience le prochain cours.

– Cécile Hurray – 

From the very first moment of working with Francisca you will be welcomed by a warm smile and will immediately be put at ease. Francisca’s calming and kind energy transcend the screen and create a safe and fun learning environment for her students. As an adult student, I was specifically looking for a teacher who could teach me the biology of singing. Over the course of our lessons I’ve learned about the natural ways in which our bodies need to be aligned with and practiced e.g. through proper breath, posture, and practical exercise. As an adult student, I love how Francisca incorporates play and metaphor into her teaching style. She can explain things in several different ways, and always works to serve her students preferred learning style. She keeps lessons light and fun but is firm and consistent with corrections. It’s a pleasure to work with her. You won’t be sorry.

– Gabriela Juliano – 

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